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Lok Sabha to discuss atrocities on Dalits on Thursday

India TV Politics Desk New Delhi 09 Aug 2016, 18:26:45 PM IST
India TV Politics Desk

Lok Sabha has decided to discuss the issue of atrocities on Dalits in the house on Thursday.

The decision was taken today by the Business Advisory Committee of the Lok Sabha.

The BAC also decided to have a debate on the flood situation in the country on Friday, the last day of this session.

Earlier, a demand of the opposition for a debate on the Dalit atrocity issue was rejected by the government at a previous meeting of the committee.

The government, sources said, is now more comfortable in holding the discussion on atrocities after Prime Minister Narendra Modi hit out at those indulging in violence in the name of cow protection.

 The bill relating to amending the Motor Vehicles Act, which aims to improve road safety in the country, is likely to be referred to a Parliamentary Standing Committee.

Several opposition members had suggested today in the Lok Sabha that it should be referred to the standing committee for a thorough scrutiny.

Opposition also protested that the copies were not circulated to them in advance as per rule before the bill was introduced.

The amended bill will bring about hefty penalties for traffic rule violations, juvenile driving, drunken driving, driving without licence, dangerous driving, over-speeding, overloading and so on.

(With PTI inputs)