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Maharashtra’s internal security law worse than 1975 Emergency: Shiv Sena

India TV Politics Desk Mumbai 26 Aug 2016, 14:26:50 PM IST
India TV Politics Desk

Shiv Sena, alliance-partner of the ruling BJP in Maharashtra, has taken strong exception to the state government’s proposal to introduce a new legislation on internal security.

In  an editorial in the party-mouthpiece “Saamana”,  Shiv Sena today termed the proposed legislation a “jolt to democracy” which, if implemented, would lead to a situation that will be worse than the Emergency of 1975.

The article also made it clear that Shiv Sena will oppose any move to implement such draconian law in Maharashtra as it will give unprecedented power to the police department, if implemented.

 “If the government, in the name of ‘internal security’, is trying to impose Emergency in the state, its attempt has to be opposed. This law is worse than the Emergency of 1975 which(former PM) Indira Gandhi imposed,” the editorial said.

“Those in power today (the BJP) had levelled various allegations against the then government although there were no complaints to prove that the common man faced any hardship,” the ruling coalition partner said. It alleged that the present Fadnavis government is betraying the trust of people with the proposed Maharashtra Protection of Internal Security Act,” it added.

Questioning the rationale behind proposing such legislation for Maharashtra, Shiv Sena pointed out that this law would be more suitable in states like Gujarat and Kashmir where journalists are being killed besides atrocities taking place on Dalits.

“This is an attempt to kill the freedom of people and a jolt to democracy. What has suddenly happened in the state that has threatened internal security. If Emergency has to be imposed, do it in Kashmir, or in Gujarat, where journalists are being killed and atrocities taking place on Dalits.” The Sena claimed that the proposed law gives unprecedented powers to the police to clamp down on persons taking part in marriages or naming ceremony of children,” the article said.

“Tomorrow if Amitabh Bachchan is being followed by 100 or more fans, or if you see more than a 100 enthusiastic people outside Sena office, will you put them all behind bars?” the Sena asked.


“The proposed legislation would be the first such state-level law for internal security which will give unprecedented power to the police department, if implemented. It proposes special security zones where movement of arms, explosives and inflow of unaccounted funds will be prohibited,” it added.

(With PTI inputs)