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Mallya's expulsion? Read about 14 other MPs including Indira and Swamy who were sacked by parliament

India TV Politics Desk 28 Apr 2016, 11:52:25 AM IST
India TV Politics Desk

New Delhi: Beleaguered Industrialist Vijay Mallya, who is facing expulsion from Rajya Sabha, would become the 15th lawmaker to be sacked from parliament since independence.

The Ethics Committee of the Rajya Sabha has decided to expel liquor baron Vijay Mallya from the House after it found that he has not declared changes in his assets and liabilities for 10 years.

Here are the names and reasons of other 14 members who were sacked by parliament

HG Mudgal: Lok Sabha member HG Mudgal was the first to be expelled from the lower House in 1951. He was expelled for accepting money for favours in Parliament.

Subramanian Swamy: The newly appointed Rajya sabha member was expelled during the Emergency (1976) from the same House. Then a Jan Sangh leader,Swamy was expelled from Upper House in 1976 after a parliamentary panel found his conduct derogatory to the dignity of the House.

Indira Gandhi: The former prime minister herself was expelled from Lok Sabha in 1977 after Janata Party came to power, but her motion of expulsion was later rescinded by the House. Indira was expelled for obstruction, intimidation, harassment and instituting false cases against certain officials, who were collecting information to answer a question in the House.

On December 2006, 11 members of Parliament (MPs) (10 of the Lok Sabha and one of Rajya Sabha) were expelled after the ‘cash-for-query’ sting operation came before public eye. They were expelled for accepting money as consideration for raising questions in Parliament.

Whereas BJP MP from Orrisa, Chhattrapal Singh Lodha, was expelled from the Rajya Sabha, other 10 were expelled from the Lok Sabha.

The 10 members were Annasahed M K Patil, Y G Mahajan, Suresh Chandel, Pradeep Gandhi and Chandra Pratap Singh (all BJP), Narendra Kumar Kushwaha, Lal Chandra Kol and Rajaram Pal (all BSP), Manoj Kumar (RJD) and Ramsevak Singh (Cong), who were caught on camera accepting money for raising questions in the House

MPs cannot be punished for such misdemeanours in a court of law, as whatever members do within the House is beyond the jurisdiction of the courts.

In India, legislatures’ power to punish a member by suspending or expelling him or her from the legislative is derived from Article 194 (3) in the case of State legislatures and Article 105 (3) in case of Parliament.

The two Houses constitute special committees for the purpose, send them notices, ask them for their defence and eventually found them guilty. The respective Houses then expel the MPs by a simple majority.