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‘Quranic verses on jihad were added to Pakistan syllabus to appease Americans’

India TV News Desk New Delhi 05 Aug 2016, 12:47:19 PM IST
India TV News Desk

Maulana Mohammad Khan Sheerani, Chairman of  Pakistan’s Council of Islamic Ideology Chairman (CII), has claimed that Quranic verses related to jihad were added to school syllabus in Pakistan at the behest of Americans who wanted more recruits for their war against communism.

When asked to comment on the exclusion of verses related to jihad in the syllabus, Maulana Sheerani said that the emphasis on such verses was a recent phenomenon, claiming that these were included in the course because the US needed ‘rented manpower’.

“Look at older books, even in the seminaries; they used to promote ethics, social sciences and stories related to cultural norms and Islamic traditions,” Maulana Sheerani was quoted as saying by The Dawn.

Referring to a proposal to teach Quran in Pakistan, Maulana Sheerani said that it was essential to teach students ethics and social norms, as envisaged in the Quran.
Maulana Sheerani, a member of Pakistan’s National Assembly, stopped short of terming the Tehreek-i-Taliban’s (TTP) fight against the state as an attempt to “spread anarchy”.

He said that trying to force one’s wishes on the masses could not be classified as jihad.

Explaining the concept of jihad, Maulana Sheerani said that there were two aspects to it; one related to faith and ideology and another related to the material side. But aspects, according to him, were contingent of the concept of “protection”.

“If I want to protect my faith, waging a jihad would entail fighting evil by not following that path,” Maulana Sheerani said.

He also added that the material side of jihad actually involved hard work.