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Smriti Irani walks inside Starbucks without any security cover, stands in queue like normal customers

India TV Politics Desk New Delhi 07 Aug 2016, 15:00:17 PM IST
India TV Politics Desk

Breaking the norm with just one simple move, Union Textiles Minister Smriti Irani was spotted in Starbucks in New Delhi’s Connaught Place without her security cover, leaving people in a shock.

A photograph posted by a Delhi-based writer Nimish Dubey on Facebook shows that Irani likes to live her life just like  a normal person.

Dubey mentioned in his post, Irani walked inside the café with out creating any fuss and without her security cover.

“Nobody came with her inside the cafe and there was nobody waiting for her outside. This is the way she always comes, on her own. She stands in the queue and doesn’t jump the queue,” Dubey told Indian Express.

Dubey told that people didn’t react and said, “Most people were busy murmuring, whispering, and wondering if it was Smriti Irani because she didn’t create any fuss.”

According to the sources, Irani always stands in the queue, places her order and after collecting it she leaves the café without creating any fuss.