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When Sushma Swaraj came to rescue of a man missing his wife on a foreign trip

India TV Politics Desk New Delhi 09 Aug 2016, 16:10:14 PM IST
India TV Politics Desk

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has earned a name for self for quick responses to citizens in distress. The minister, once again on Monday, came to the rescue of a husband who was forced to go on a honeymoon trip without his wife.

Faizan Patel, who describes himself as Lifestyle and Product Photographer, on August 6 had tweeted that he was travelling alone to Italy without his wife as she had lost her passport.

On Tuesday, he tweeted a picture to Swaraj in which he was travelling on a train sticking a picture of his wife to the empty seat next to him.

Swaraj, known for her quick responses on social media, immediately got back to him with a promise that she would ensure that Patel’s wife is with him on the next seat.

An hour later, Swaraj tweeted again with the message that her office had already contacted the distressed woman and she would get a duplicate Passport the next day.

What could only be called as co-incidence, Patel had praised Sushma Swaraj just a week ago on August 2.

However, the story did not end here. Many on the social networking website pointed out that Faizan Patel had lied that he was travelling to Italy on his honeymoon when he had already got married a few years back. Some even tweeted against him for regularly criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi and NDA government.

Some social media users even tweeted screenshots of Patel’s tweets in which he had made personal attacks against Sushma Swaraj.