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1,200 Youths Arrested For Stone Pelting Released: Omar

PTI 05 Dec 2010, 21:36:07 IST
Jammu, Dec 5 (PTI) Strongly advocating that the Jammu and Kashmir government was working to improve the situation in the state, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah today said more than 1200 youths who were arrested for stone pelting have been released.

"We have released more than 1200 youths arrested for stone pelting besides removing dozens of bunkers in Kashmir ...I am advocating and working for removal of the AFSPA from the areas where it is not required," Omar said today.

'Every possible measure would be taken to make the situation palatable and peaceful for economic and political activities in the state," he said.

Omar said the government was making every effort to maintain peace and accelerate the pace of development that received a setback during the months of unrest, when a large number of youngsters were arrested for pelting stones at security personnel during protests.