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6 disadvantages of Rahul Gandhi compared to Narendra Modi

India TV News Desk 15 Jun 2015, 15:53:53 IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi is leaving no stone unturned in emerging as a true alternative to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Unfortunately, there are certain facts that put him at disadvantage compared to PM Modi.

Let's have a look at 6 such disadvantages that Rahul faces in comparison to Narendra Modi.

1.Social media presence

Rahul Gandhi is not so active on social media, which is one of the major disadvantages RaGa has vis-a-vis NaMo. Social Media is one of the major platforms of communication in today's world. Rahul, however, hasĀ  recently started communicating on Twitter with @OfficeOfRG which is the official handle of his office. It's a good start but it lacks personal touch.

Narendra Modi, on the other hand, is very active on social media and he has used it to the hilt for connecting with masses especially youth of this country. His social media strategy played a crucial role in 2014 Lok Sabha elections which saw Modi- led NDA registering a massive win with BJP getting a simple majority on its own.