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Aam aadmi may not pick AAP candidates anymore

India TV News Desk 12 Aug 2014, 6:57:38 AM IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) that boasted of being different from other parties as it took decisions through solely on feedback from volunteers seems to be moving towards the same “high-command” culture that it once criticized.

Addressing party volunteers during a Google Hangout session recently, AAP supremo indicated that a panel will now have the final say on candidate selection and it will not depend solely on feedback from volunteers.

In this hangout session, Kejriwal told the volunteers that no organisation can take all decisions by taking opinions of all stakeholders.

“Volunteers' opinion should be taken. But often their opinion has an element of selfishness. A panel does not have such issues, does its checks before deciding on names and should make final decisions,” Kejriwal reportedly said as claimed by a leading newspaper.

“We had a lot of difficulty in selecting candidates last time around. Each volunteer applied for ticket. Can you give ticket to someone who got six votes from volunteers? What about someone who got five?” said Kejriwal.

“A process is on to define who our volunteer is,”added AAP supremo.

“In Mehrauli volunteers recently ran way with the ballot box during a vote (for candidate selection). This is selfishness of the worst kind. There are some volunteers who have no shame. For them the concept of swaraj is tamasha and they use it to justify misconduct,” an anguished Kejriwal further said.