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AAP govt making ACB the centre of Politics: Delhi BJP

PTI 08 Jun 2015, 8:12:05 IST

New Delhi: Delhi BJP yesterday accused the AAP government of making the anti-corruption branch of Delhi "a centre of politics".

"A student of Congress school of politics (Arvind) Kejriwal is trying to use ACB as Congress used CBI to silence opponents," Delhi BJP's Media in-charge Praveen Kapoor alleged.

Appointments in ACB have become an issue lately with Chief Minister Kejriwal at loggerheads with the Centre over distribution of power.

"Under Congress CBI filled cases only against major opposition politicians while Kejriwal's ACB finds corruption in MCD (municipal corporations) and police, who are controlled by BJP governments," Kapoor said in a statement.

He alleged that on the other hand, ACB remains "ignorant" on "rampant corruption" by ruling party MLAs and in the Delhi Jal Board, Transport, Food & Civil Supplies departments.