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AAP volunteers forms AVAM, party patron extend support

PTI 07 Aug 2014, 8:59:42 AM IST
New Delhi: As the Aam Aadmi Party attempts to regroup in Delhi after its Lok Sabha defeat, discontent within the organisation over the party functioning does not seem to stop raging.

A group of party volunteers had recently formed the AAP Volunteer Action Manch (AVAM), who claimed to be voicing opinion against several aspects including lack of “Swaraj” within the organisation.

But the party sources said Karan Singh, a senior party volunteer and who is spearheading the movement was recently sacked for “anti-party activities”.
Interestingly, Singh, a veteran party volunteer, was also tasked by party's National Convener Arvind Kejriwal to coordinate with party volunteers after his release from Tihar in June.

“AVAM is an effort to bring together each and every volunteer who has actively and selflessly participated in this struggle for the change of system.

“It is intended to help establish a mechanism within AAP that takes forward this struggle in the right direction with renewed vigor.

And, the volunteers, like you, form the core of that mechanism,” AVAM website states.  The group isn't happy with the way the party has taken criticism.

“It is unfortunate that the party has sacked Karan. We don't understand why is the party thinking that we are going against them. We are doing nothing anti-party in nature and raising certain lacuna within the party, which has to be removed.

“It's not that we are raising the issues now. They were already there and had to solved. But then after Delhi election, we formed the government and were busy and then came the Lok Sabha election.

We thought these issues had to be addressed irrespective of the Lok Sabha result,” party volunteer Saman Qurashi, party's campaign in-charge of Ballimaran assembly seat and an active member of AVAM said.  

“AVAM is very good. System and organisation which was made in the party so that the volunteer's grievances could ventilated, its contact with the party workers remained intact and that is very important.

“AVAM is doing a good job and it should spread the good work in the country,” party patron and senior advocate Shanti Bhushan in a message posted on AVAM website.  “Every democratic party must receive criticism, feedback.  

We have posted something related to this three weeks back which basically says that the party remains committed to receiving volunteers feedback.

“The party has launched Mission Vistar which is not merely about expanding the organisation, but creating channels for volunteers. In one respect AAP is different from other parties is that it is created by volunteers,” said senior party leader Yogendra Yadav.