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AFSPA necessary in Jammu and Kashmir: K. P. S. Gill

IANS 22 Nov 2014, 20:57:56 PM IST

New Delhi: Former Punjab director general of police K.P.S. Gill, who is credited with ending the Punjab militancy of the 1980s, Saturday said the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA) was necessary in Jammu and Kashmir as some youths are getting influenced by the ISIS.

Speaking at the World Hindu Congress here, Gill said: "In Jammu and Kashmir, there is a problem of terrorism and now some of the youngsters are getting influenced by the ISIS (Islamic State of Iran and Syria)."

However, Gill said the act does not give any impunity to army officers.

"The army officers are charged if they do something wrong," said Gill, referring to the recent conviction of five armed forces personnel, including two officers, who were sentenced to life imprisonment for their involvement in a fake gunbattle case.

"I think there is a propaganda against AFSPA," he added.

Lambasting the state government for failing to ensure Kashmiri pandits' return to the valley, Gill said: "What has happened in Kashmir is tragic. The resettlement should have taken place by now... the government of Kashmir is a shame if it can't settle the pandits."