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Amar Makes Veiled Attack On Mulayam

PTI 14 Jan 2010, 19:51:04 PM IST

Sulking Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh on Thursday  made a veiled attack on Mulayam Singh Yadav claiming that the party supremo was present when he (Amar) was targetted by Ram Gopal Yadav. 

"It has been confirmed that it is true that at the time of the two statements made by Ram Gopal Yadav against me in Delhi and Saifai (UP), respected Netaji (Mulayam Singh Yadav) was present at those places," Singh wrote in his latest blog entry.  

Besides, Singh, who is having a running battle with his party despite firefighting measures by the party chief, said it has also come to his knowledge that Mulayam Singh had a meeting with senior party leaders who have been attacking him.

"But what can I say on the basis of doubts and suspicion?", he said thereby keeping a way out for him in the battle against the party leadership.  At the same time, he likened himself to Socrates, who was poisoned by his own friends. Singh said while Socrates died following consuming the poison, he was fortunate.

"I am a victim of this conspiracy whose poison I had to consume but beware that I will not die like Socrates," he wrote. 

Quoting a couple of lines from Shakeel Badayuni's famous song in "Mother India", he said, "if one has come to this world, one has to live and if life is poison, one has to drink it." 

Amar's latest musings on the state of affairs in the party have come in response to a well wisher Muhammad Muslim Ghazi, president of Students Islamic Federation of India, cautioning him about an alleged "conspiracy" hatched by several SP leaders against him.

Ghazi, in his posting on Singh's blog, alleged Janeshwar Mishra, Brij Bhushan Tiwari, Ramji Lal Suman, Mohan Singh and above all Ram Gopal Yadav were involved in this internal revolt against Singh in view of his "growing stature" in the country as also in Samajwadi Party.  Ghazi said Raj Babbar was the first chain in this revolt followed by Beni Prasad Verma and Azam Khan. PTI