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Andhra, Telangana Governor meets PM Modi

PTI 11 Jun 2015, 23:35:57 IST

New Delhi: Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Governor E S L Narasimhan today met Prime Minister Narendra Modi against the backdrop of a raging row between the two states over alleged tapping of phone of AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu.

“We have passed one year after the bifurcation. How things are going about there. Agenda of development,” were some of the issues that came up, Narasimhan told reporters after meeting the Prime Minister here.

Asked whether he discussed Naidu's complaint to Modi alleging that the CM's phones were tapped by the Telangana Government, the Governor replied in the negative.  Naidu had yesterday met Modi and demanded a probe into the alleged tapping of his phone.

“Telangana government is biased... How can anybody do illegal tapping, it is unfair, it is unethical? They have to investigate (by appointing a) high level committee and appropriate action should be taken on this,” Naidu had told reporters yesterday after meeting Modi here.