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J&K Polls: Azad accuses BJP of 'trying to saffronise' J&K

India TV News Desk 19 Nov 2014, 22:06:40 PM IST
India TV News Desk

Jammu: Senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad today accused BJP of “trying to saffronise” Jammu and Kashmir despite knowing the state's sensitive character and termed RSS a “threat”.

Azad, who is leading the election campaign for Congress in Jammu and Kashmir, accused the BJP of being indifferent to the state's sensitive character to make electoral gains.  “BJP is playing with fire. They are trying to saffronise Jammu and Kashmir and North East. They are sensitive areas.

J&K is sensitive border state sharing borders with Pakistan and China,” Azad told reporters here this evening.  Continuing his tirade against BJP, the former chief minister said every party has the right to take part in elections as part of the democratic process but it should maintain a ‘lakshman rekha' and not use “unfair means”.

He also accused BJP's parent organisation RSS of spreading poison in the state, which he asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to put a check on.

“What is RSS doing here? Prime Minister Narendra Modi is calling for a moratorium on issues such as riots and communal violence. But I want to him to put a moratorium on activities of RSS which is spreading poison.”

“RSS is a threat to Jammu and Kashmir. We have seen its impact in Chenab Valley during campaigning. Where are we taking the state to?” he asked.

Comparing BJP government at the Centre with that of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi governments in New Delhi, Azad said Congress government had sacrificed power for integration and bringing regional leaders to mainstream by handing over the reigns of the government to Sheikh Abdullah.  

He further said, “Rajiv Gandhi government held peace agreements with Laldenga in North East and also with Longawal in Punjab to ensure peace and make India strong at the cost of its own party.”

He also accused BJP of holding secret talks with separatists and said the party used to make it an issue when Congress carried out peace initiatives which involved them.  On the issue of refugees, Azad hit out at BJP-led Central government for sending back the proposal of a package for PoK refugees sent to it by the state government.  

“During parliamentary elections they promised to give package to refugees in 100 days after government formation, but only shocked refugees by sending back the state's proposal for it,” he claimed.

He also accused PDP-NC of triggering polarisation in Kashmir in order to fight the BJP.

“They are regional parties and cannot even imagine to fight a national party,” Azad said.