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Bedi suggests united coalition against corruption

PTI 23 Sep 2012, 18:13:01 IST
New Delhi, Aug 29: Activist Kiran Bedi today sought to suggest that anti-corruption movements like that of Anna Hazare and Ramdev could team up with BJP to form a coalition against corruption.

On a collision course with Arvind Kejriwal, she also said Hazare should make a fresh team of his own to take forward the anti-corruption movement forward.

“If this country is to get its CBI independent of party in power then all different voices which have been speaking up need to come together in this cause and rise above ideologies and formations.

“The issue of anti-corruption can bring all such voices together. Fighting separately have been lonely fights so far, to the advantage of the ruling party mired in scams. This needs unity or a ‘coalition against corruption'. It could then be a united and formidable people's voice,” she told PTI.  

She was responding to a question whether a united front of BJP-Anna-Ramdev could take forward the movement against corruption.

Bedi had broken ranks with erstwhile Team Anna and it became public last Sunday when she skipped the protest against corruption opposing the decision to target BJP.

She is of the view that the party in power—Congress—should be targeted while Kejriwal and others targets both Congress and BJP.  

She said there was an urgent need for separation of the two options—political alternative and anti-corruption movement—so as to take the movement ahead.  

Her remarks came in reply to a question on whether it was proper for India Against Corruption to utilise the donations, which were collected for the agitations for a strong Lokpal, be used for political party.