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Bhardwaj pitches for bigger role for Priyanka in Congress

PTI 11 Nov 2014, 22:13:43 PM IST

New Delhi: Congress leader H R Bhardwaj, a known Gandhi family loyalist, today pitched for leadership role for Priyanka Gandhi and said Rahul Gandhi is not capable of attracting crowds.

A former Law Minister who recently demitted office as governor, Bhardwaj said Priyanka can revive the Congress if she is allowed to assume a bigger role in the party.  “She resembles her grandmother Indira Gandhi. I have no doubt that if she roams around, she can involve the masses and revive the party,” said Bhardwaj.

Asked how Rahul fared, Bhardwaj said, “When I was in Karnataka, I saw Rahul is not capable of addressing a mass audience. He would meet 50 university and college students and leave. That's the basic difference.”

Bhardwaj, however, was quick to add: “I have known him for a long time. Rahul is a decent man, well educated. But he has to shape himself in such a way that he can take everyone along.”