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Bihar CM Jitan Ram Manjhi embarrassed by his son's sexcapade, BJP demands his resignation

India TV News Desk 15 Aug 2014, 7:06:17 AM IST
India TV News Desk
Patna: Bihar Chief Minister Jitan Ram Manjhi has been hugely embarrassed by his son Pravin Manjhi's alleged sexual escapade with a woman constable of Bihar Military Police (BMP).

According to media reports, Bihar CM's son Pravin and the woman constable arrived at a Bodh Gaya hotel in an SUV on Tuesday evening. Leaving behind his bodyguard at

the hotel's parking lot, Pravin asked the manager for a deluxe suite that was immediately given to him as he was a frequent visitor to that hotel.

However, the hotel staff locked the duo in the suite as Pravin refused to pay the arrear that he owed to the hotel. This led to an altercation between the hotel owner

and Pravin in full public view.

Praveen was finally allowed to move out after he paid the arrear that amounted to nearly Rs 6,000.

The Police has claimed feigned ignorance about the case and has claimed that no FIR has been registered involving Pravin or his companion.

The opposition BJP, however, has demanded Bihar CM's resignation on moral grounds, claiming his son was in an exploitative relationship with the woman constable.

”The CM must take moral responsibility for his son Pravin Manjhi's sexual dalliances with a woman constable. He indulged in sexual exploitation of the constable,” said

Bihar BJP general secretary Suraj Nandan Kushwaha.

”Either the hotel owner or one of the persons present there informed the Bodh Gaya police and also called them in. The police reached the spot and later cleared the

bill out of their pocket,” Kushwaha claimed.

”Nonetheless, the media in the entire Magadh region reported the incident,” added Kushwaha.