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Bihar poll outcome to be reflection on Modi government performance: JD(U)

PTI 17 Oct 2015, 22:23:39 IST

New Delhi: Claiming that people in Bihar were voting for Nitish Kumar's development agenda and that BJP-led NDA will be reduced to 80-90 seats, JD(U) today said results of the assembly polls will be a reflection on Modi government as the Prime Minister was main NDA campaigner.

Bihar JD(U) chief Bashistha Narain Singh claimed the grand alliance will win up to 40 seats of the 49 that went to polls in the first phase and a majority of seats in the second.

He told a press conference that a large turn-out of youth and women voters was an indication of big support for Nitish as youth were impressed with his development agenda while women had been empowered by his government.

Suggesting that it was Nitish who was the main draw for voters, he said RJD chief Lalu Prasad was a "big leader" but people had chosen development as their main concern and factors like caste were reduced to the background.

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"NDA will get not more than 80-90 seats. BJP will probably now fight elections to ensure that it remains the main opposition party," Singh claimed.

Taking a dig at the central government, he said so many ministers had "left" their work and been intensively campaigning in the state and accused Narendra Modi of using "very undignified" language in his speeches.

Talking of reports of Modi's rallies being cancelled, he said it showed that BJP had got a "disappointing feedback" on its performance and asserted that Bihar polls had acquired a "huge national dimension" due to the Centre's efforts to "crush" the opposition with its might.