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BJP promises stability, transparency, welfare state in Jharkhand

PTI 13 Nov 2014, 12:26:36 PM IST

Ranchi: The BJP today said the party's three main focus points for Jharkhand is stability, transparency and making it a welfare state in the next five years, if voted to power.

“Stability, transparency (in governance) and welfare state are the main points,” BJP President Amit Shah today said after unveiling the party's 56-page manifesto ahead of the 5-phase Assembly elections beginning November 25.  

Jharkhand lagged behind because of unstable governments and it was the only state where an independent MLA became Chief Minister, he said, referring to Madhu Koda.  “Solution to all problems in Jharkhand lie in a government which enjoys majority,” he said.

Blaming instability for the state's underdevelopment, Shah said current debates over problems like corruption, law and order situation, poverty and electricity would be turned into focal points so that Jharkhand occupies a place among the developed states in the country after five years.  “Good governance is BJP's commitment,” he said.  

The BJP president said the country saw how people of Jharkhand voted for the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections, giving it 12 of the 14 seats in the state and expressed hope that the party would repeat its performance in the Assembly polls.  

BJP was focused on getting a majority in Jharkhand after performing well in Maharashtra and Haryana, Shah said, adding, in the past 30 years the country and the states have witnessed coalition governments.

“BJP introduced politics of performance,” he said giving en example of Gujarat under Narendra Modi and Chhattisgarh under Raman Singh.

“Now see the country's performance in five months under Modiji instilling confidence in the people through good governance,” Shah said.

Comparing Jharkhand with its neighbouring state Chhattisgarh, he said despite the two states being created around the same time, the latter sped ahead on the path of progress as a stable government lacked in Jharkhand.