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BJP Ridicules Cong Over Foregoing Parliament Allowance

PTI 03 Dec 2010, 17:10:23 IST
New Delhi, Dec 3: Ridiculing Congress MPs for their decision not to take daily allowances due to disruptions in Parliament, BJP today said they were trying to cover up the 2G spectrum scam worth lakhs of crore with a mere Rs 2,000.

"Congress MPs want to cover up the corruption of lakhs of crore with a mere Rs 2000 only. If Congress MPs are so worried about corruption, then they should ask their party to try to stop corruption and not try to become martyrs by sacrificing their Rs 2000," BJP spokesperson Shanawaz Hussain told reporters outside Parliament.

The BJP leader was asked to comment on a decision by Congress MPs to forgo their daily allowances as Parliament has not been functioning over the 2G Spectrum scam since day one of the Winter session.

On the issue of airlines increasing airfares manifold in the recent times, the former civil aviation minister said, "the Government has no control over airlines and the fare of even the so-called low-cost airlines has gone out of reach of the common people." PTI