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BJP Says Hazare's Protest Awakened The Non-Political Class

PTI 28 Aug 2011, 18:26:24 IST

New Delhi, Aug 28: BJP today hailed Anna Hazare's agitation as one which had awakened even the non-political class and insisted that such movements also have a place in democracy as they serve to change the status quo.

BJP felt Anna Hazare's agitation had achieved much for democracy and empowerment of the people.

“This is a victory of democracy. It was a convergence of agitation on the street and debate in Parliament. People are feeling empowered after this which is a good thing,” BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar told PTI.

He maintained that this has strengthened the fight against corruption that his party is waging.

“We also feel elated as awakening of people by this agitation will lead to the non-political class also joining the political process. As Arun Jaitley said in Parliament, this movement was against the status quo. People want change,” Javadekar said.

After some initial reluctance, BJP had come out in open support of Hazare when he began his fast. It even went to the extent of fully endorsing the Jan Lokpal Bill.

“People are emboldened now as more and more skeletons are coming out of the cupboard of this government,” Javadekar said.

Asked if this was truly a victory of Team Anna as several of its demands like keeping Prime Minister under ambit of Lokpal, passing the Bill in this session, inclusion of higher judiciary and so on have not been met, BJP maintained that this agitation was about the larger issue of having a strong and effective Lokpal.

“Hazare has succeeded in sending a message to the people and brought them out on the streets. The issue here was also the disgust of the people against corruption. Such non-political agitations also have a place in democracy,” Javadekar said.

Asked if Hazare's agitation had challenged the supremacy of Parliament, Javadekar said speaking or going against the established norms in not against democracy.

“Such aberrations happen in a democracy but one should look at the solutions it leads to. The movement also showed reasonableness. Restraint and reasonableness was shown by the middle class as well as the politicians and this is the beauty and strength of democracy,” Javadekar said. PTI