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BJP to open cards once UPA names presidential candidate

PTI 10 Jun 2012, 15:46:22 IST
Hyderabad, Jun 10: Former Union Minister and BJP official spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain today said his party would disclose its strategy on Presidential election only after the ruling coalition announces name of its candidate.

Until the ruling Congress party does not announce name of its candidate for President's post, BJP would keep its cards close to its chest, Shahnawaz told reporters here.

On whether BJP would support Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee's candidature for the post of President, the BJP leader said, “Let Congress party first name the candidate for the post, then only our party will disclose the strategy.”

Stating that this time the presidential elections would be “interesting”, he said it was not necessary that ruling party candidate would be the winner.  

“This time the presidential election results would be surprising and our party is working on this strategy,” he averred.

Demanding an investigation into coalgate scam, Shahnawaz asked why the UPA government was afraid to order a probe when, according to them, there was no scam in allocation of coal.