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BJP Welcomes Govt Stand On CTBT, NPT

PTI 25 Sep 2009, 2:45:07 IST

In the wake of US President Barack Obama's statement alluding that India should sign the CTBT and NPT, BJP on Friday welcomed the government's firm stand against it.

"BJP is of the clear view that India should not sign the CTBT or NPT under any circumstances. We have, on our own, imposed voluntary moratorium and no-first-use policy on ourselves," BJP President Rajnath Singh said in Delhi.

Singh said, "We welcome the stand (of not signing the two treaties) taken by the Indian government in the United Nations. We are in full support (of the government) on the issue."

When NDA was in power, it had conducted Pokharan-II nuclear tests in 1998, making India nuclear-capable. Though the tests had led to severe economic sanctions against India, the government did not bow to international pressure and refused to sign the CTBT or the NPT.

BJP has maintained that it favours good relations with the US but "only on our own terms". BJP had opposed the Indo-US civilian nuclear deal last year, arguing that it was against India's interest. PTI