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China Using Maoists To Gain Control Over Nepal, Says RSS

PTI 10 Jan 2010, 22:08:56 PM IST

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Sunday alleged that China was trying to tighten its hold on Nepal through Maoists and advocated for a firm diplomatic strategy to increase India's influence on neighbouring countries.

Addressing a convention of Sangh workers here, he said Beijing was trying to increase its hold on the Himalayan nation. India should have a well-thought foreign policy to enhance its influence in the region. 

He expressed the fear that China may also attempt to grab land in bordering territories and cautioned to be aware of the neighbouring country's policy on Arunachal Pradesh.

On Pakistan he said India should clearly covey to Islamabad that there can be no confidence-building measures unless it checks cross-border terrorism. 

"We are not against friendship with Pakistan, but such a measure should be taken only after teaching it a lesson. Then only Pakistan will understand the real meaning of friendship." 

Referring to RSS role in appointment of Nitin Gadkari as the BJP president, he said the Sangh does not indulge in politics. 

"Though people say so, we haven't got anyone appointed as the president. RSS does not get involved in politics and believes only in rashtraneeti." 

Many of the swayamsewaks were in the politics and sometimes they get disoriented, he said.  

On Copenhagen climate summit Bhagwat said, developed nations were trying to exert pressure on the developing countries like India to reduce carbon emission. 

"Developed countries were responsible for 60 per cent of carbon emission, whereas India's share was barely 0.8 per cent. Still they want us to reduce it by 50 per cent at the cost of our agriculture and industry, which should not be accepted at any cost." 

Terming Centre's economic policies as "faulty", Bhagwat said though government speaks about high growth rate, there was a widening gulf between the rich and the poor.

He said an economic policy which creates a balance between agriculture and environment should be framed. PTI