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Communal Violence Bill: All eyes on Rahul Gandhi as LS gets ready to discuss the bill today

PTI 11 Aug 2014, 11:28:33 AM IST
New Delhi: The Lok Sabha will be discussing Communal Violence Bill today. The bill has been listed for discussion in the house after the question hour and a discussion on atrocities against women and children.

The discussion will be initiated by Congress MPs Shanavas and Mohammad Asrarul although all eyes will be on Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi had stormed into the well of the house last Wednesday demanding a discussion on increasing number of communal violence in the country especially UP.

Rahul had alleged that opposition was not being allowed to speak in Parliament. He had even accused the  chair of being one-sided and partial.  

"There is a mood in Parliament that only one man's voice counts for anything in this country.... The Speaker, I mean.... It is completely one-sided, partiality. That's what we are raising," Rahul had said.

Stepping up his attack on the ruling BJP, Rahul told a newspaper, "Communal conflict is being artificially and deliberately engineered in our country, especially in Uttar Pradesh. This is a deliberate strategy to divide the poor of this country and put brother against brother, to prevent people from uniting to fight the true enemy - inequality, poverty and lack of opportunity."

Prime Minister Narendra Modi hit back at the Congress on Saturday accusing it of indulging in communal politics.

 At BJP's National Council meet,Modi said "Those who have suffered a massive defeat in the elections are still not able to desist from engaging in old vote-bank politics. They are engaged in disturbing the social fabric."