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Congress hits out at VHP's Hindu ruler remarks

PTI November 22, 2014 10:57 IST

New Delhi: Slamming VHP's remarks that "Hindus" have come to rule Delhi after 800 years, Congress said that "communal politics" is against the nation and the Constitution and accused the saffron outfits of hypocricy on the language issue.

"I want to ask who was Narasimha Rao or Atal Bihari Vajpyee or H D Devegowda. Their (Sangh Parivar's) definition (of Hindus) is different. Communal politics is against the nation. People of the nation have given a befitting reply to those making such remarks," Congress spokesperson Shaktisinh Gohil told reporters at the AICC briefing on Friday.

On the demand that Sanskrit be made compulsory in schools, the party said, "We are for Sanskrit" but at the same time added that "nobody will accept that foreign languages should not be taught."

He alleged that there is a "contradiction" in the words and deeds of the saffron outfits as while Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits foreign countries and addresses them in English, RSS and VHP say something different.

Attacking Sangh Parivar, he said that it is a matter of concern that those "driving from backseat" are now coming out with their viewpoint, while a "different face" was shown to come to power.

Addressing a three-day World Hindu Congress which began here today, VHP patron Ashok Singhal today claimed that "proud Hindus" have come to rule Delhi after 800 years since Prithviraj Chauhan ruled Delhi and demanded that Sanskrit be made compulsory in schools.

Chauhan is seen by some as the last Hindu king before Muslims and then English ruled the country till its independence in 1947.

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said Hindus should "rise" in unison and show "the world leadership based on values".

Speaking on the row over Sanskrit replacing German as the third language in KV schools, Singhal said the ancient Indian language should be made compulsory.

Asked about the Sanskrit issue, Gohil recalled that Sanskrit was among the languages to be taught under the three language forumulae introduced during the UPA but asserted that "nobody will accept what VHP is saying on the Sanskrit issue. Nobody, no youth, no family will accept that foreign languages should not be taught."

At the same time, Gohil added "we had also worked for Sanskrit language. We are for Sanskrit."