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CPI(M) in Bengal favour Congress in anti-communalism platform

PTI 05 Nov 2014, 22:45:38 PM IST

Kolkata: With CPI(M) general secretary Prakash Karat calling for unification of Left forces to counter the rise of “communal forces” in the country, a section of the party's Bengal committee today spoke in favour of inducting Congress and other parties into the platform.

“For the sake of greater Left unity, steps are being taken nationally. Parties belonging to the Left Front and other parties like SUCI©, CPI(ML) have decided to come together on the basis of nine demands and we will launch nationwide campaign in favour of it,” Karat said while addressing the West Bengal state committee, a party press statement stated.

“Communal forces of RSS, Hindutva and other funadamentalist organisations are trying to raise their heads in the country. We have to unitedly fight against this communalism,” Karat said.

After Karat spoke, a section of the CPI(M) state committee members today said they favoured inducting other secular parties like Congress too in the anti-communal campaigns and platforms.

They also said that any secular party who wished to fight communalism could come forward in an open platform, a verteran state committee member said on the condition of anonymity.

Karat admitted that the party had failed to increase its strength and the frontal organisations too had failed to increase its strength.

He said that after the party congress in April next year, the party would call a plenary to discuss the organizational issues the frontal organisations of the party are facing.