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Dadri damaging PM more than anybody else, says Akali Dal MP Naresh Gujral

PTI 17 Oct 2015, 16:09:39 IST

New Delhi: NDA ally Shiromani Akali Dal today termed the Dadri lynching incident as a "shame" for the country and said what happened after that was "damaging the Prime Minister more than anybody else".

SAD MP Naresh Gujral said here what happened in Dadri "was shameful. It was a shame for the nation and it should be condemned in strongest possible terms."

He said, "What happened after the lynching incident in UP is damaging the NDA, the BJP and damaging the Prime Minister more than anybody else."

Gujaral lamented that the "motormouths" were not paying heed to even Prime Minister Narendra Modi and that no action was being taken against them.

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"But unfortunately, no action has been taken against anybody...motormouths are not paying heed to what the Prime Minister has said. It is high time some action is taken
against anybody so that a strong message goes all the way in Sangh Parivar that this kind of nonsense will not be tolerated," the Rajya Sabha member said.

Gujral said certain people holding important positions are "talking very irresponsibly". They include ministers, chief ministers and fringe elements in the Sangh Parivar, he said.