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Delhi food department lifts food samples for tests

PTI 16 Jun 2015, 22:46:38 IST

New Delhi:   Delhi's Food Safety Department has started lifting samples of health food, baby food and energy drinks of various brands for test-analysis as directed by the Central government.

The move comes a few days after the Delhi government banned the sale of instant Maggi noodles.  

"The Central government has asked to check food products.  Our food and safety officers have started collecting samples of most of the packaged products.

"Samples from across all available brands of baby food, energy drinks, health supplements and other food samples are being picked up," Commissioner of Food and Safety Department K K Jindal said.

According to officials, the food samples will undergo laboratory and results will come in a week's time. They, however, claim that it's a routine practice.  

The department will now focus on all packaged food items, including the imported ones. Several food items are launched in the market without proper food approval.

The Food and Drug department of Delhi carries out surprise inspections and raids of food establishments and draws samples of food articles that can be potentially adulterated, substandard or misbranded.