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Delhi polls: BJP's 'non-performing' winning candidates may face the axe

IANS 09 Nov 2014, 17:03:39 PM IST

New Delhi: In no mood to lose ground to the AAP ahead of the Delhi assembly elections, the BJP is likely to replace around 10 of its "non-performing" candidates who had won the December 2013 poll but who lagged in spending their constituency development funds.

According to a party source, an internal report on the performance of the 29 MLAs, including the lone Akali Dal candidate, who had won last year's election, has been submitted to the Bharatiya Janata Party's central leadership.

Each Delhi legislator annually gets Rs.4 crore (MLALAD Fund) to spend in their constituencies on various infrastructure works which include speed-breakers, security gates, toilets, roads in unauthorised colonies and slums clusters to installing closed-circuit cameras.

"The internal report is based on MLALAD funds spent by each BJP MLA. The report has found there are some who have been sluggish in doing works out of the fund," said the source, not wishing to be identified.

"A few senior party leaders have studied the report in detail and around 8 to 10 candidates who have not performed in the last 10 months are set to lose their tickets," the source, close to a senior central BJP leader, told IANS, refusing to give out any names.