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Despite Ideological Differences, Basu Worthy Of Respect : BJP

PTI 17 Jan 2010, 17:52:23 IST

Senior BJP leaders on Sunday  condoled the death of Marxist patriarch Jyoti Basu, saying he was one of the tallest leaders in contemporary politics who remained committed to his ideology.

BJP Parliamentary Party Chairman L K Advani, in his condolence message, described the former West Bengal Chief Minister as a "stalwart" and "a great leader". 

"He held the CPM fort in West Bengal for a long time... the Communist movement has been affected. Basu was in the line of great leaders like E M S Namboodiripad, Bhupesh Gupta and Indrajit Gupta," Advani said. 

"Our ideologies were different. Still, going by his greatness, I respect him and pay my tributes," he added. 

BJP President Nitin Gadkari said, "Jyoti Basu was one of the tallest leaders of contemporary India. He was a leader committed to the weaker sections of the society. He remained firm and committed to his ideology and his sense of idealism." 

Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj described Basu as "one of the tallest and experienced leaders of Indian politics who got the love and confidence of his people for many years, which is the most valuable thing for any leader in a democracy". She said despite ideological differences with Basu, he was worthy of our respect. 

Swaraj said Basu's popularity was undiminished even after leaving the post of Chief Minister. "In this, I also consider him a very fortunate leader," she added.

Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley said Basu was a man "committed to the service of his people, his ideology and a sense of idealism". "Jyoti Basu was one of the tallest contemporary leaders of Indian politics. BJP deeply mourns his death," Jaitley said. 95-year-old Basu died at a Kolkata hospital due to multi-organ failure.

"He was a politician of high credibility whose loss will be felt by the entire nation," Jaitley said about Basu, who served for 23 years as Chief Minister of West Bengal. 

Former BJP President Rajnath Singh said, "Basu fought for the people's cause throughout his life and rendered his services for the uplift of the working class and other weaker sections of the society." 

"Known for his strong conviction and character Shri Basu will always be remembered for his enormous contribution to Left wing politics in India. His demise has left a big void in Indian politics," Rajnath Singh said. 

BJP Vice-President Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi described the departed Marxist veteran as a "real symbol of austerity". 

"He rose above party politics to give the message of serving the people with a down-to-earth approach. He is a milestone in Indian politics," Naqvi said. PTI