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Digvijay attacks PM Modi on cow slaughter issue

PTI 13 Nov 2014, 9:04:15 AM IST

New Delhi: Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh today attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the issue of cow slaughter, latching on to his meeting with a business tycoon involved in beef production.

Singh's attack has come at a time when the Prime Minister is on foreign soil as part of his three nation tour of Myanmar, Australia and Fiji.

The Prime Minister, who arrived in Myanmar today will attend the India-ASEAN and East Asia summits during the visit.

"PM had breakfast with CEO of Cargill Group: Cargill Beef Co-largest Beef producer kills eight million cows & produces 80 billion pounds of beef!" Singh said on micro-blogging website Twitter.

In other tweets, he wrote, "Meat exports registered highest growth during earlier NDA regime. Would Modi consider ban on cow slaughter as he has been promising?

"Or he is too busy unloading the Sangh baggage and its legacy to occupy central space of Congress and appropriate Congress' legacy !"

Modi had in the run up to the Lok Sabha polls attacked the UPA government on meat export issue while BJP and its affiliates have been raising the issue of cow slaughter for a long time.

Attacking the ruling party over the issue, Singh said in other tweets, "BJP Govt in MP has disbanded Gau Sewa Ayog set up by us. BJP only uses religion to incite violence and has nothing to do with religion."

He also alleged, "VHP activists extort money from Cattle Traders and sell Cattle to other Traders" and asked "Can VHP give me the names of Gau Shalas they are running?"

Singh, a former MP chief minister also alleged that in Guna in Madhya Pradesh, the district Gau Shala run by RSS has prime land but it doesn't have cows.

"But the premises are being used to run Saraswati Shishu Mandir!" he alleged.

The Congress leader also took a dig at the newly appointed chief of Prasar Bharti Dr. A Surya Prakash.

"Surya Prakash newly-appointed Chief of Prasar Bharti-"No Constitutional bar to be a Right Winger" I agree. But would it be impartial like BBC.

"Or DD would be broadcasting only Mohan Bhagwat and Modi 'Puran'? Do we see a Goebbels in making?" he tweeted.