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Opposition leader Eknath Shinde says BJP shied away from vote division

India TV News Desk 12 Nov 2014, 23:27:33 PM IST
India TV News Desk

Mumbai: Leader of Opposition in Maharashtra Legislative Assembly Eknath Shinde of the Shiv Sena today alleged that BJP government had shied away from division of votes during the vote of confidence, since it would have exposed its hidden pact with the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP).

Talking to reporters, Shinde said the Shiv Sena would play the role of a formidable opposition for the next five years.

He denied there were back channel talks with the BJP to join the government.

"We demanded division of votes and since it was not accepted, we staged a walkout in the end," he said.

Shinde also said the sequence of items listed on the day's agenda was changed at the last minute to create an uproar in the house so that the trust vote could be "rushed through".

"The item of announcement of the leader of opposition was taken after the vote of confidence, though it was listed before the trust vote," he said.