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Fatwas are being sold like vegetables on 'thelas': Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi

India TV News Desk 10 Jun 2015, 10:36:43 AM IST
India TV News Desk

Lucknow: Union Minority Welfare Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi yesterday said that Fatwas are now being “sold like vegetables on thelas.”

Naqvi was commenting on a Fatwa against Yoga amid controversy surrounding Government's plan to celebrate Yoga Day on June 21.

He said, "Fatwa is like vegetable sold on 'thelas'. Those who want can buy one... I think honour of Fatwas is being finished."      

Attacking AIMPLB for its stand on yoga, Naqvi said some Muslim religious leaders are suffering from a "disease" to oppose yoga and misleading the community.          

"I think some persons have got a disease to oppose Yoga. This disease can also be cured through Yoga. For their (AIMPLB) misinformation and ignorance, I want to give them advice to adopt Yoga and they should not relate it to religion. Those associating Yoga with religion should correct their knowledge," Naqvi said.  

"It's unfortunate that those who have taken contract of religion are misleading the Muslim community. But this will not continue for long," he said.     

Asked about opposition to Surya Namaskar and Gita in school syllabus, Naqvi said, "I think our Ulemas (religious gurus) should put in their energy for education, empowerment and redressing fundamental question of the Muslims community. It will help them and country also."   

Noting that "so-called champions of secularism" were inciting Muslims against BJP, Naqvi said this would not affect the Narendra Modi government.   

"The fact is that Muslims were deprived of development in past five-six decades. Modi government will take everyone along and this will help Muslims," he said, adding the government will launch schemes in the name of freedom fighters Ashfaqulla, Begum Hazrat Mahal and Amma Bi.                

On Ram temple issue, he said the matter is under consideration of the Supreme Court and any decision would be taken after its judgment.          

On black money issue, Naqvi said it was commitment of the government to bring it back and in future their would be no black money in banks abroad.    

About inflation, Naqvi said the government was serious in this regard and was working on it to ensure that prices of essential commodities did not increase.

(With inputs from PTI)