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Final decision on future course of action tomorrow: G K Vasan

PTI 02 Nov 2014, 17:59:22 PM IST

Coimbatore: A day after dropping hints of breaking away from Congress and reviving the erstwhile Tamil Maanila Congress, former Union Shipping Minister GK Vasan on Sunday said the final decision on the future course of action on Monday would reflect aspirations of leaders and workers.

"The decision on the future course of action to be announced tomorrow afternoon in Chennai will definitely reflect the suggestions and aspirations of workers of various districts of Tamil Nadu," he told reporters at the airport.

Vasan said he had already elicited the opinions and suggestions from grassroot level workers, cadre and senior party leaders on the matter. When pressed about revival of TMC and opinions of the workers, he said almost all of them were unanimous in stating the need to bring back the golden era of Kamaraj rule and his father (late G K Moopanar)

"They wanted me to tread a new path, successful path and follow the footsteps of great leaders like Kamaraj and Moopanar, as most party leaders had imbibed values from them," Vasan, who was on his way to nearby Avanashi, said.

"I do not want to say anything half baked now," was his reply to persistent questions on revival of TMC and how he proposed to function under new TNCC President E V K S Elangovan. To another question on the reported invite from union minister Pon Radhakrishnan to join BJP, he quipped "It is totally wrong information."

Vasan had stated yesterday in Chennai that in Tamil Nadu, the movement (Congress) could be strengthened only by invoking the legacy of Kamaraj and Moopanar. He had said AICC's deeds in the past several years had been against the cadres' mood, be it party affairs or on key issues concerning people of Tamil Nadu.

Though this was communicated to them, their response was not in tune with strengthening the party, he had said. Vasan had also said that the AICC had 'ignored' the Tamil Nadu Congress Committee, especially after the Lok Sabha debacle, resulting in the party apparatus being in a lull.