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Gadkari asks BJP ministers to perform

PTI 23 Sep 2012, 14:06:20 IST
New Delhi, Aug 17: Prodding the ministers in BJP-ruled states to perform, party president Nitin Gadkari today said if they fail to deliver and allow bureaucrats to “take control”, there was no reason to oust the Congress from power.

“If you do something different, people get relief, their lives get better then they will believe in you. If you cannot do it then there would be an impression that whosoever may come and go, there is no difference and things remain the same,” Gadkari said in a pep-up talk at a meet of Panchayati Raj and Rural Development ministers of the BJP-ruled states.

“Go ahead, make records, do something. Things can't be left to themselves. Officers take control and whatever is happening happens. If you can't do anything then what is the use of Congress' exit and your arrival,” he said.

Encouraging his partymen who were running the state governments to take initiative for the development of the people, the BJP President said that they should move ahead and work without seeking permission from the central leadership.

“You don't need my permission to do things. Do it in self start automatic mode, if there is an error, I will step in and help,” he said.

Speaking further Gadkari said that a majority of the country's population lived in the villages, whose development has not been given the priority they deserved due to the wrong economic policies.

I try to take technology to rural parts and try to give employment to people, Gadkari said. He added that rather than look for funds he was utilising the funds of the local area to generate local socio-economic development.

Gadkari also said that he was thinking of producing bio fuels after tying up with a petrol company. He said that the fuel would be sold cheaper than other fuel and would be non polluting.

Gadkari said he did not yet want to reveal the complete plan of producing fuel as then media may report that he was becoming an industrialist while he thought of himself as a social entrepreneur.

He also said that casteism was a bane for development as the people who sought to become MPs and MLAs on the basis of caste rarely worked for the development of their people or regions.

He asked BJP ministers to learn from schemes implemented by each other and also be open to good ideas implemented by UPA ruled states as well.

The BJP President called for “diversification of agriculture towards power and energy sector and diversification of appropriate technology towards rural sector to develop villages” in his speech to the ministers of the BJP ruled states. BJP is in power in nine states.