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Gehlot Has Made Rajasthan Bimaru, Says Vasundhara

PTI 18 Jan 2010, 14:56:09 IST

Former Rajasthan chief minister Vasundhara Raje on Monday launched a broadside against incumbent Ashok Gehlot accusing him of drying out the state exchequer in last one year. The Congress government has failed to set up a milestone in any sector, she alleged.

The Gehlot government indulged in "diversion tactics" on important issues of development and growth of the state and put back Rajasthan in the category of "bimuru-rajya" (sick state which applies for Bihar, MP, Rajasthan and UP)", Raje told reporters in Jaipur on the eve of Panchayati raj elections.

"It was my BJP government that elevated Rajasthan from 'Bimaru rajya' to a surplus state of annual budgets, now in December after 13 months of the rule, Gehlot and his finance secretary disclosed openly that funds and exchequer have dried out," Raje said.

During its tenure, the Congress dropped 13 ambitious plans of her BJP government, she claimed.

"Bhamashah Yojna to benefit 50 lakh families and women, Akshat yojna to provide unemployment wages and financial support, clothes to women working under NREGA, pension to MISA prisoners, and many other schemes were deliberately shelved because it belonged to our tenure," Raje said.