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G.K.Vasan names his new party Tamil Maanila Congress

IANS November 28, 2014 22:43 IST

Chennai:  Expelled Congress leader G.K.Vasan Friday said his new party will be called Tamil Maanila Congress (TMC) and its symbol will be a bicycle.

Addressing a rally in Tiruchirappalli, around 350 km from here, Vasan unveiling the party's name and its symbol said the party would strive for the bright future of Tamil Nadu.

The new party would follow the path laid down by his late father G.K. Moopanar and the late Congress leader K. Kamaraj, a former Tamil Nadu chief minister whose name is synonymous with good governance in the state, he said.

The former union shipping minister said the party's path will be difficult and will be facing several challenges while moving towards its goals.

According to Vasan, the Congress did not recognise the hard work of its leaders and cadres and took a dig at his erstwhile party, saying that the cadres of TMC need not wait for a decision to be taken in New Delhi.

A couple of days back, Vasan launched the party's tricoloured flag - saffron, white and green - bearing the images of Kamaraj and Moopanar.

In a way, Vasan has revived the TMC - founded by his late father.

Moopanar had broken away from the Congress in 1996 to form the TMC. It however merged with the Congress in 2002 after Vasan took over its leadership.