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Godhra attack gave us 'iron man' Modi, says VHP patron Ashok Singhal

India TV News Desk 11 Jun 2015, 10:40:06 IST
India TV News Desk

Lucknow: Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) patron Ashok Singhal on Wednesday said that the death of “Ram sewaks” in “an act of jehad” in Godhra was the reason behind the rise of “iron man” Narendra Modi.

 “Godhra me kya hua. Ram sewakon ko jala diya gaya, yeh jehadi karm tha. Iska parinam yeh hua ki Modi naam ka vyakti prapt hua jo lauh purush hai. (What happened in Godhra. Ram sewaks were burnt alive, it was an act of jehad. The result was that we got a man called Modi who is an iron man),” he said yesterday.

Addressing an event organised by VHP in Bahraich near Lucknow, where Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh was the chief guest, Singhal blamed Muslims for “forcing Scheduled Castes to live as untoochables.”

“The jihadi invaders forced Indians to convert to Islam. Those who gave up became Muslims but there were many who refused to convert even though they were forced to do menial jobs and became dalits. Others started living in the forests and became Scheduled Tribes,” Singhal claimed at a ‘Vijyotsava' (Victory day function) in Bahraich near Lucknow on Wednesday.

The event was organised by VHP to mark the victory of Raja Suheldeo of Bahraich, who is reported to have defeated Salar Masud in a battle in Bahraich on June 10, 1034.

Singhal, in his speech, claimed that Islam in India has the history of being “Jehadi Islam”, that does not want peace in the world and outfits like the Islamic State are an example of this.

Mentioning ISIS, he said: “At a time when everyone wants to live in peace in the world, Jehadi Islam is not letting it happen.”

Singhal further claimed that the Ram Janmabhoomi movement was a result of “Jehadi Islam” and Muslim invaders had built Babri Masjid after demolishing the Ram temple.

He appealed to the Muslim community to hand over Hindu pilgrimage sites to Hindus for “love and amicable atmosphere” in the society.

Singhal said: “I again appeal to the Muslim community to hand over three places -- Kashi, Mathura and Ayodhya -- to Hindus peacefully...love and amity will prevail in the society.”

Rajnath Singh also addressed the gathering after Singhal, but refrained from commenting on any of the issues raised by Ashok Singhal.

He, however, again emphasised on rewriting the history books so that the contributions of kings like Suheldeo not be undermined.

Referring to the existing history books, he said: “The history has been written under the influence of foreigners. In it, great personalities and persons, who fought for protecting Indian culture and gave up everything for the sake of society, were ignore. The historians of the country should come forward and do research on such personalities and persons to ensure them honourable and due place in history.”