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Gopal Kanda may undergo brain mapping test

PTI September 23, 2012 15:51 IST
New Delhi, Aug 20: Delhi Police today appeared mulling the option of brain mapping test on former Haryana Minister Gopal Kanda who is refusing to cooperate in the probe in connection with the Geetika Sharma suicide case. 

Kanda had on Saturday morning surrendered before police after evading arrest for ten days. Sharma, a former employee of his now defunct MDLR airline, accused him and another senior colleague Aruna Chaddha of harassing her. 

Police sources said Kanda has been evasive during questioning and denied any involvement with 23-year-old Sharma.

When asked whether police will subject him to brain mapping, Deputy Commissioner of Police (North-West) P Karunakaran said, “If required, we will do that. We will take him to all places where we feel probe is required.” He said nothing has come out yet and “if there is something I will tell you.”

Karunakaran said Kanda was telling them that he was in Sirsa for the past ten days before his surrender. “He is not cooperating,” he said.

Police also plan to confront Kanda with Chaddha, in a bid to piece together the sequence of events that resulted in the suicide of Geetika who was found dead in her north west Delhi residence on August 5.

Investigators have seized computers from the Gurgaon office of Kanda.

The police team seized computers and documents from Gurgaon office of Kanda, who was sent to seven-day police custody by a local court yesterday. The team stayed there for three hours and later took Kanda to his Civil Lines residence for further probe in the matter.

The sources said they were looking for hard disks of some computers which may help in further investigations.
The post mortem report of Geetika said she died of hanging and the ligature mark is ante-mortem in nature.  “Sealed samples of vaginal and anal swabs along with slides were preserved for semen and DNA profiling and handed over to the police,” the report said.

A senior police official said three hard disks at the MDLR office were missing and it appeared that somebody has removed them abruptly.

The official also said they were planning to confront both Kanda and Chaddha once court grants permission.  The official claimed that there were contradictions in the details provided by Kanda and Chaddha which necessitates the need for making them confront each other.