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Governors should resign when new govts take over: Kalyan Singh

PTI 27 Aug 2014, 18:36:50 PM IST
Lucknow: Newly appointed governor of  Rajasthan Kalyan Singh Tuesday said that with change of regime, governors appointed by the previous government should resign on their own.

"Any new government has the right to appoint governors of its choice... And several governors, adhering to this tradition have already taken the praiseworthy step of resigning on their own.

"I believe that governors appointed by one government should themselves tender their resignation when a new government takes over," he said.

Criticising Uttarakhand Governor Aziz Qureshi approaching the apex court against moves to make him quit, Singh said this was against the dignity and esteem of his post.

"I don't understand as to why he wants to remain on the post against the will of the government... And has also approached the Supreme Court for the same. According to me this behaviour is against the dignity and esteem of the governor's post," Singh said.

To a question, Singh, who has been chief minister of Uttar Pradesh twice, said that he had been active in politics for 60 years and has had "many good and not so good experiences".

"I have always had deep interest in active politics but as the party has decided to send me as governor, like a disciplined worker I have accepted it," Singh said.

On his new responsibility, he said that he was going to Rajasthan with the aim to serve the people there.

He also praised chief minister Vasundhara Raje, saying she is "an able, dedicated and popular" leader.

Kalyan Singh said that the date for his swearing in would be decided soon in consultation with the chief minister.