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Honest attempts being made for constructive session: Naqvi

PTI 22 Nov 2014, 16:00:49 PM IST

New Delhi: Government is making honest attempts for a “positive and constructive” winter session of Parliament and will work to take along opposition parties through dialogue.

Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said government has called an all-party meeting tomorrow to ensure a productive session.

The Winter session of Parliament will start on Monday.

“We are making an honest attempt so that we have a positive and constructive session. By reaching out to them (opposition) and through dialogue, we are hopeful of taking everybody along,” he told reporters on the sidelines of a function here.

He said the image of India has gone through a sea change since the Narendra Modi government has taken over and claimed that power brokers, who were a constant in the power corridors irrespective of who was the prime minister, have disappeared since Modi took over.

“Prime Ministers would come and go but not these power brokers. They would remain and had big shops. Not now. If a few are still left, they will also disappear soon. Even if you search for them, you won't find any,” he told a business gathering at an event organised by CSR Research Foundation.

Even ministers, who used to be a little lax, have become very active because their “captain” is always working, he said.

“The change is not only visible but you can also feel its impact,” Naqvi said.

Talking of his experience as a member of the Parliamentary committee on public undertakings, he said the public sector units would make big claims on paper about developmental work they carried out in certain areas but things would be different in reality.