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Jayalalithaa introduces 'Dhoti Bill' in TN Assembly

India TV News Desk 06 Aug 2014, 14:49:40 PM IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi: Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa today  introduced ‘Dhoti Bill' in the Tamil Nadu Assembly fulfilling her promise to the legislate against “sartorial despotism”. She had made this promise after a judge was refused entry at a Chennai club because he was wearing a dhoti.

The Bill proposes a year in jail and Rs.25, 000 fine for anyone who bars dhoti-clad people from entering clubs or other premises. The Bill is unlikely to see many hurdles from becoming law. Opposition parties like the DMK also shared the CM's fury at the dhoti incident.  

Last month, the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) Club had refused entry to dhoti-clad Madras High Court judge Justice Hariparanthaman in Chennai.

”After over 60 years of Independence, I can't accept this. They can have rules for their members, not for visitors who come on invitation,” the upset Judge had said.

The club was compelled to review its rules that allow only people dressed in western or formal attire to access its premises, though officials did try to explain that it helped prevent “wardrobe malfunction under the influence of alcohol.”