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J&K polls: BJP wants to spread 'disappointment' in J-K, says Congress

PTI 18 Nov 2014, 18:54:59 PM IST

Bandipora (J-K):  Congress today alleged that a danger was prevailing over Jammu and Kashmir as the BJP wants to spread “disappointment” in the state so that the saffron party can “capture the whole of India automatically”.  

Former MP and party spokesperson Raj Babbar, while addressing an election rally here, said “those who rule Delhi want to spread disappointment here anyhow so that they can capture the whole of India automatically”.  

“If there is a smile on your faces, then there is smile on the faces of the people across the country. I am telling you honestly that a danger is prevailing over that smile of yours ... some people have come here...,” he said. 

Babbar said there was a need to spread the beauty of Jammu and Kashmir and its people across the country to help the party win Delhi again.

“I am happy to see smiles on your faces. This smile is because of the beauty here. Come let us spread this smile across the country. O beautiful people, let us spread this beauty all over the country. We need your beauty so that we can win Delhi again,” he said.

Babbar said Congress was the only party that can take on the BJP and asked people to vote for the party for unity and brotherhood in the country.

“If there is any force to take on BJP in India, it is Congress. I have come here to request you that this is not just for voting for the Hand (the Congress party symbol), but I have come here on behalf of the people of India who want unity and brotherhood and justice,” he said.  “I have come here to see smiles on the faces of the people all over the country,” Babbar added.  

The actor-turned-politician said earlier he used to come Kashmir for acting reasons but today he came to the Valley for a political rally for the first time.

He asked people to vote for Congress candidate Usman Majeed saying “I would join you in the celebrations after the party wins the seat”.