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J&K Polls: BJP wave across community lines in Assembly polls,says Jitendra Singh

PTI 19 Nov 2014, 16:07:20 PM IST

Kishtwar: Union Minister Jitendra Singh today said there was a visible BJP wave among all communities in the Jammu and Kashmir assembly polls, as only his party can ensure all a “dignified life with safety and without fear”.  

Campaigning in remote areas of Chhattru, Kuchal, Kukrawas and other places in Inderwal assembly constituency of Kishtwar district, Singh said “for the first time, there is a visible BJP wave among all communities in Inderwal constituency because people have realised that BJP is the only party which can ensure for all of them a dignified life with safety and without fear”.

Addressing a series of public meetings in Muslim dominated areas, Singh said BJP was the only truly secular party because its ethos teach the practice of justice and fair-play for one and all without discrimination or distinction.  

“Those who raise the slogans of secularism were in fact trying to befool people by instigating them in the name of religion while they themselves were not committed to any religion or faith,” he added.

Singh said that he always advises a Muslim to be a true Muslim and a Hindu to be a true Hindu, because if each one of them follows his respective religion faithfully, we will automatically have nothing but feeling of love and brotherhood for each other.

“Those who indulge in rhetoric of ‘secularism' are, in fact, not loyal to any religion and are therefore, neither true Hindu nor true Muslim,” he added.  

Referring to the backwardness of Inderwal Assembly Constituency, Singh said, time has come for common people of this area to ask the ruling parties of the last six decades as to why all the resources and Central assistance was diverted to other areas even while several leaders got elected from here and became ministers in State as well as at Centre.  

Appealing to a vote for BJP, Singh said that this is a historic opportunity for Inderwal Constituency to prove to the entire world that the voice of the common people from this area for the first time found its echo in the hall of Jammu and Kashmir state Assembly through the voice of a BJP MLA.