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J&K polls: Omar unfit for CM's post, says Congress

PTI 28 Nov 2014, 7:30:04 AM IST

Jammu: In a scathing attack on Omar Abdullah for accusing Congress of ‘opportunism and falsehood', the Congress yesterday termed him as being ‘unfit' for CM's post.

Chief Minister Omar Abdullah had attacked the Congress for trying to take credit for all the good work done by NC-led government and described the attitude of the party as the highest example of ‘opportunism and falsehood'.

"We thought Omar Abdullah is young and energetic and that he can deliver well. However, we were wrong. He was unfit for such a prestigious position. What has Omar Abdullah achieved in these 6 years?" Congress spokesman Salman Nizami said.

The spokesman said that to hide the failure of his government on every front, Omar was making false accusations against the Congress.

"This government did no good to the constituencies we represent. Our (Congress) constituencies were discriminated," he said.

The spokesman said that the Congress is the only party which is committed to equitable development of all the regions of the state.

"The people have to make a right choice in these elections," he said.