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Joint Opposition Prevented Me From Getting PM's Post, Says Mayawati

PTI 15 Jan 2010, 17:15:40 IST

The opposition joined forces in the Lok Sabha elections so that a Dalit does not occupy the chair of country's Prime Minister, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and BSP president Mayawati, who turned 54 on Friday in Lucknow, says in her latest book.

'This is the reason behind these parties reaching a covert understanding during the confidence vote sought by the Central government in the Parliament on the Indo-US nuclear deal so as to stop me from becoming the Prime minister," Mayawati writes in the fifth volume of her book 'A travelogue of my struggle ridden life and BSP movement', excerpts of which were released by her on her birthday.

Terming as country's "misfortune" that dynastic rule and politics of nepotism were still prevalent, Mayawati laments that it was not only encouraged in an "aggressive" manner but "unethical" alliances were also formed by different political parties against the daughter of a Dalit, thereby trampling upon wishes of the general public.

On construction of grand memorials and parks in the state, she writes that they are not to the liking of the Congress led government at the Centre and opposition towards them shows the "animosity" towards her.

In the 1,100 page book whose Hindi and English versions have been released simultaneously, Mayawati writes that though her birthdays are dedicated to the BSP movement, it has never been liked by the opposition parties who are against the poor and the weaker sections of society and are the supporters of the capitalists. PTI