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Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi lash out at politicos on I-Day

India TV News Desk 23 Sep 2012, 13:26:47 PM IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi, Aug 15: Soon after the Prime Minister finished his Independence Day speech from the ramparts of Red Fort, Anna Hazare's associate and former top cop Kiran Bedi tweeted:

“PM's speech indicates WHAT (MAY) be done. Problem is in the HOW, the WHO and even the WHEN? (With eye on votes)? Huge Trust deficit!

“PM says we have passed Lokpal Bill etc. Does not say what kind of bill? One which weakens CBI further! Banks on people's LEGAL ILLITERACY

Country has two key challenges before it. One political corruption+beauracratic insensitivity. Both require right LEADERSHIP for change!

None of programs/ assurances are possible without integrity and administrative willingness. How does that happen is the key challenge!

Anna's other associate Arvind Kejriwal had this to tweet:  
“Today our destinies r controlled by few corrupt politicians, officials n corporates.

“Hope sm day, we wud get true independence wen ppl wud control their own destiny, wen politics wud be a means to serve rather than make money.

“Hope some day, ppl wud directly make laws rather than just elect sm ppl once in five yrs.

“Hope sm day, there wud be much more in laws for those who hv much less in life.

“Hope sm day we wud hv true democracy.