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Lalu Vows To Dislodge Nitish Kumar From Power

PTI 01 Jan 2010, 20:17:03 PM IST

RJD president Lalu Prasad on Friday in Patna vowed to dislodge Nitish Kumar-led government from power in 2010.

"I pledge on the new year's day to rid Bihar of JD(U)-BJP rule represented by feudal and communal forces," Prasad said while exchanging greetings with mediamen and others at 10 Circular Road bungalow, the official residence of Rabri Devi, his wife and Leader of the Opposition in the state Assembly.

"People of Bihar are fed up with the state government. It has become synonymous with corruption and misgovernance. It is a government of promises which always remains far from being fulfilled," he said.

 Holding Nitish Kumar government more responsible than Congress for skyrocketing prices of essential items, Prasad said, "We will have to take the agitation to fight the price rise to a logical conclusion." He termed the state government as 'a government of blackmarketeers and hoarders'.

On the other hand, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, told reporters that 2010 would once again prove to be an eventful year.

Kumar, undeterred by his critics, said he was striving for an inclusive growth in Bihar by meting out justice to all sections of society.

"I continue to make sustained efforts for making Bihar a developed state by 2015," he said. PTI